EasyTask Manager

EasyTask Manager 1.9.5

Put a to do list on your iPhone


  • Simple
  • Wifi or online syncing


  • Awkward to use without syncing
  • Not GTD enough for some users


EasyTask Manager is a productivity app based on the 'Getting Things Done' method. It syncs with its sister apps on Windows and Mac, too.

If you use the 'GTD' method, EasyTask Manager is a convenient free app that can help. Once installed you'll see a functional menu that includes your inbox (a general storage area), plus buttons to see your upcoming tasks by day, week or 'someday'. You can also browse completed tasks.

EasyTask Manager works particularly well if you already use a desktop version. It's useful to have it synced and be able to carry your to-do list with you everywhere. Entering new actions and tasks from the iPhone is as easy as it could be, but starting from scratch there will take a long time. Everything is editable, and

If you're looking for a way to manage your tasks, EasyTask Manager isn't a bad option, especially if you want to sync with your PC or Mac.

EasyTask Manager


EasyTask Manager 1.9.5

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